Newcastle PD Officers to Be Awarded for Outstanding Incident Response
Posted on 05/28/2021
On Thursday, April 22, Newcastle Police were called to assist with a young man in emotional and mental distress. Initially when NPD Officers arrived, the situation was calm and there did not appear to be any danger to anyone. However, as can be the case in police work, circumstances changed quickly when the young man produced a large kitchen knife and lunged at NPD Officers. The officers got distance from the young man and began trying to deescalate the very dangerous situation. The young man then turned his focus on the family, whom NPD had told to shelter in their car when he produced a knife. He walked over to the car, got onto the roof, and began stabbing and carving things into it. Realizing that everyone, the family, the young man, and themselves, were all safe and there was no need to rush into anything, officers continued to talk with the young man and get him to put the knife down and get off of the vehicle. After around 20 minutes of speaking with the young man and assuring him they were just there to get him help and were not there to harm him, the young man got down off the car and dropped the knife. During all of this, multiple Deputies from KCSO had responded to assist. Because of the efforts of everyone involved, officers were able to resolve the situation without anyone getting hurt, and they were able to get the young man to a hospital for help.

Because of their remarkable work in deescalating a dangerous situation, the officers involved will be receiving awards for their service. Detective Brittany Burtner, Newcastle PD, will be receiving the Commander’s Award. The Quality Policing Award will be presented to B.J. Melvin and Matthew Treadway of the Newcastle PD, and to Joseph Winters, Cory Hansen, Kenneth Scherck, and Sam Speight of the King County Sheriff’s Office.
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